Muscle tension headache – Brenda Gwede

Miss Brenda Gwede’s tension headache treatment

Ever woken up every other day of your life with a headache? You tell yourself ‘oh well maybe after a glass of water it will go away’. The headache gets worse by the day to the extent that you are forced to take over the counter medication continuously like Panado. The pain seizes for the day only to wake up the following morning with yet another attack and you tell yourself this time let us try the grandpa. Medication overuse headaches is what became the norm of Mrs Brenda Gwede’s life ever since she was 13 years old.

Mrs Gwede visited The Headache Clinic on June 14th, 2016 after experiencing severe headaches for a very long time. Prior to making the appointment at the clinic she had been to different medical specialists that tried to help her with the headaches but nothing changed. She resorted to self-medication but nothing changed. She concluded that there was no hope getting better until one day when she met a friend who advised her to visit the clinic.

At the clinic, Gwede had the full examination process for five hours and was diagnosed with muscle tension headaches. She was given non drug treatment, the Posture Modifying Appliance (PMA) to help her with the headaches. Gwede says she initially doubted first coming to the clinic and let alone the mouth device.

With the device in her mouth for just 2 days after her consultation, her headaches had completely disappeared. She later did her follow-up appointments with the clinic to check her progress but in all consults done, not a single a day did she ever complain of headache. She has resumed her daily activities pain free and would like to thank The Headache Clinic for a job well done, she is pain free.

I sincerely thank the Headache clinic for the treatment as I am now able to function normally.

*Treatment results may vary from person to person.


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