Daniel Madzivazhira’s migraine treatment

Mr Daniel Madzivazhira visited The Headache Clinic on 14th February 2009 and underwent the full examination process to determine the underlying cause of his headaches. He had been suffering from severe headaches for five years and did visit quite a number of specialists in Zimbabwe but his headaches did not go away. He started taking over the counter medication which actually made the headache pain worse.

At the clinic he was diagnosed with muscle tension headaches and was given the non-drug treatment, the posture modifying appliance (PMA). Ever since he started using his PMA, Daniel has not had headaches since he left the clinic. He has had a couple of adjustments done on his mouth device to ensure that it perfectly fits into his mouth and to help avoid muscle tension. The PMA has to be exactly the correct shape and thickness to bring the tongue and lower jaw to their ideal rest positions. But if the PMA is too thick, the jaw assumes a position inferior to the ideal rest position and the pain either does not improve or may even get worse, so it is essential that the PMA is properly adjusted. When the lower jaw is in its ideal rest position, the jaw muscles relax and the muscle tension pain is relieved.

With the PMA in his mouth, Daniel is so grateful to Dr Shevel and The Headache Clinic team for giving him his life back. He has been using his PMA religiously and not a single day has he suffered from headaches. He is pain free. He has advised other people suffering from severe headaches to please visit the clinic and be assessed. If they are to take the PMA as treatment they should not doubt its function as it has saved his life.

I am pleased to say I no longer have migraines”

*Treatment results may vary from person to person.


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